Todays Card of the day Knight of Cups Reversed

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day

Today’s Card is Knight of Cups Reversed

Today the knight of cups is here to tell us our depression can only lead to tragedy.

We become more cynical as each day goes on.

You all know how when you are cynical we hurt others and ourselves in many different ways.

So the knight of cups reversed is a card to say enough on your own seek out help to find the road that leads you out of the depression and on to a road where you can find the small things that make you happy.

Also wearing black may not be the best idea so try a different color.

Breathe and best to hold our tongue before we overreact.

On a personal level… I use pastel chalks on art paper to reflect the mood/s I am in.

So maybe drawing will help some of you?

Let me know what helps you come out of depression.

Also, the knight of cups reverse is a warning card for traveling on water. So take safety measures.

Many Blessing my dear sweet Darlins and feel my love reaching out to each one of you.


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