6 of Wands

Today’s tarot card is the 6 of Wands.

The 6 of wands is about victory.

Small or big victories and the feelings that go with it.

We could also be a hero in someone’s eyes and know that when someone puts you on a pedestal sooner or later you fall of no fault of our own.

We must communicate with that person on their level.

The Superior to the Inferior communication is cause for hurt feelings.

So We need to look to their humanness and connect on that level.

Personally, over the years I have had trouble with this. the first time was learning Daddy wasn’t a superhero.

So the 6 of wands is teaching us how to communicate to each other and accept the thata boy and remain grounded and hopefully, others will see us as a human also.

Blessings to you all,


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