7 of Wands

Today’s Tarot card of the Day is 7 of Wands.

The 7 of Wands is about defending ourselves against 6 others.

Others may not approve of our Lifestyle, religion, or our jobs.

This makes us want to defend ourselves.

But we keep hitting a brick wall.

We are just on a different level of understanding so all that others hear is “bla-bla-bla.”

So what to do?

Hold your ground, others will always have to give us their unwanted opinions.

This is about our boundaries.

We have to set them.

We don’t have to be doormats or victims to others.

We stand our ground.

Face the fears that they don’t approve but guess what that is their problem, not ours to convince them that we are right.

We must do what is best for us.

If we stand our ground and not give up we can move forward.

It may take hard choices and lots of painful emotions.

In the end, we have to walk this road even if it is on our own.

Mantra of the Day

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