8 of Swords

Today’s Tarot Card is: 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is about facing the fears that are holding us from moving.

The 8 of swords is here to tell now is the time to be brave and deal with the binds that seem to be so indestructible.

Our minds try to anticipate the dangers or outcomes from our past that we can not get past.

To get past the binds we must face each one at a time.

We must expose what is causing our fears.

This is hard to do without help.

I counsel people about fear and I can tell you all that you can face whatever is holding you back.

We all have fears and we all need to face them.

This is a hard card but once you start to face the bindings they loosen and we can take baby steps forward.

Blessings, be upon you all,


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