A beautiful visiter at my Birdfeeder

The first thing in the morning I pull my curtains and sit with my Cuppa and watch the birds at my feeder

I have small chickadees to bluebirds but my favorite are the woodpeckers.

The other night I am watching the sunset and sipping my tea. And lo and behold the biggest of the woodpeckers comes swooping into the suet feeder. A beautiful Male.

I took a picture, wish I could take better, maybe one day.

The male has a red crown and a red cheek swipe.

He came by until it got dark and I pulled the curtain shut a few nights later the female came by.

Was too dark to take a picture but oh my how beautiful she was.

Got me wondering what is this beautiful bird here to teach me.

I think of the drumming with their beaks on the trees.

How my heart beats.

I think he has come to reconnect me with the rhythm of the nature around me.

I needed to be connected to the earth and her heartbeats.

Thank Mr. Pilated

Please visit me anytime!

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