Black Kyanite

This is my Black Kyanite Fan

Black Kyanite

Is my go-to crystal to heal the chakras.

As a reiki master healer, you come across empty spots after a blockage is broken.

My black kyanite is a fan.

I use it to sweep any negative strands that may be the lingering shape it into a ball and then I use the loving Reiki energy to change it into purple healing energies and send it out.

It can clear all energy blockages.

Blockages cause imbalances and the Black Kyanite, will bring back a balance in the chakra and aligning the meridians

You also will need to use it to ground yourself into the earth cause the energy vibration is very high.

You must remember to draw the energy from the Reiki or universe and let it flow through you into the person you are healing and flow out back to the reiki energy or universe’s energies.

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