Card of the day 9 of Swords

Today’s card is about feeling overwhelmed.

Too many problems, too many ideas, too much to think about!

It is keeping us awake or nightmares.

Our anxiety is at full blast.

The 9 of Swords tells us we can solve what bothers us a bit at a time by letting of the fear, worries, and anxiety.

We have come to the point of blowing everything out of proportion.

We need to take a step back and wake up from the nightmare and see that things arent as bad as we thought.

We can manage our way through this once we let go of the fear, worries, and anxiety.

I write in my journal, my fears.

I draw my anxieties.

I breathe away the worries.

Then I meditate on what I need to do first.

Today I let go of my despair

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