Control Letting It Go

Hello Darlins,

Ya know I first want to control things in my life. But then I see many different outcomes.  ya know the what if I do this or do that …

Then I realize I really only have two choices:

1 If I choose to do what I think is best usually goes sideways.

2 if I take a few steps back and just let everything unfold it usually works out better for me.

So why do I always go to control first?


yuppers fear what the outcome could be.

The best is when I center and balance myself and let go of my fear and place my faith that everything will work out. Amazing things happen!

So over the years, I have learned:

What is theirs, is theirs not mine to solve.

Let go and let God

Believe in a world of goodness

Everything unfolds the way it should be.

Miracles happen all around us.

Fear, stress, anxiety are negatives I choose to live without for today.

So darlins, I wish you to let go of control and fear and be happy today.

Love and Blessing,


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