Eight of Swords Today’s Tarot Card Pick

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day


Today’s Card is significator and 8 of swords


The 8 of Swords is known as damn if you do, damn if you don’t card.


Swords being of bright and sharp thoughts and words, combined with the 8 makes us doubt ourselves.


Should we speak our minds or should we keep quiet?


We play out speaking our minds and then play out what may happen if we keep quiet.


We end up second-guessing ourselves.


Fear creeps in.


Fear of what others may say about us. Oh the gossip, whoa the criticisms, and insults!


So Darlins we find the strength to fear what lies ahead for us.

Otherwise, we become trapped and silenced by fear.


The 8 of swords are here to encourage us to speak up or let the gossip go on.


If we remain silent things will get worse.


Head high and Smile, be the bigger person and move on.


It is okay to say what needs to be said but not to engage in an argument.


As we go through the 8 of swords remember, you are not alone, and you are Blessed!


What I do is remind myself, “this is just a moment in time and breathe.”




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