Five of Coins Card of the Day

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day.


Today’s Card is 5 of Coins.

The 5 of Coins predicts loss. Oi, I know no one wants this card!


A Loss of money, health, and bad luck.


This card also has to do with feeling poor and too embarrassed to ask for help.


Feelings of disapproval of others because of your relationships.


Here the card asks for you to let go of your pride and seek the help you need to feel whole again.


In such times of struggle, we learn who our friends are.


When times are good again remember to pay it forward to those that are struggling and to proud to ask.


As I look back at my life, I have let my pride hold me back until I hit the rock bottom.


I hit the bottom so hard I had no other choice but to seek help.


Once I did and I got what benefits I qualified for to help me back on the path I was meant to be on my life began to shine.


Don’t get me wrong there are still days that are very trying like today for me.


But I look out at the sunset and the wild birds and my furbabies here on my lap not wanting me to type!!! Lol


I begin to feel blessed and I reach out to my support team and they help me breathe and then I remember this is just a moment in time.

Things will get better.


My love to you all,


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