Food that could help reduce anxiety



Today and yesterday have been anxiety days for me.

One of the ways of calming my anxiety is with this youtube

Sapsucker Woods

This is a place I would do walks in the woods and watch the birds.

Life happened and I live 3 hours away.

How amazing it was when I found they have a live feed and I can watch the wild birds and hear them.

I decided to learn about foods that I can eat and help reduce anxiety.

Brazil nuts

Fatty fish


Pumpkin seeds

Dark Chocolate




Green Tea

Medical News Today article on food to help receive anxiety

Nuts and seeds I can’t chew but I can get them in Butters.

So gonna buy some brazil Nut butter and Sunflower butter.

Hoping they will make some great sandwiches with my cherry jam I put up 2 years ago.

I do have to watch my meat proteins and sugar levels being on watching my solids for my kidneys and sugar for diabetes 2.

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