Greg’s House

Greg’s House

By Julia

Let me tell you a story of a gentle old man, Greg, and a woman, Anna that traveled from Russia into the USA a very long time ago…

They met in the USA and fell in love.

Anna told me of her story of great heartbreak in Russia, She had a baby and was running toward the train as it was leaving a woman opened the window but her arms out and Anna handed her baby to the woman. Tears were flowing down her cheeks and mine. I was 18 years old and engaged to my future husband Billy.

Greg brought out his homemade wine, it was a very strong Port and he was so very proud of his wine.

Greg told me how he had built Billy’s House for Billy’s Grandfather and Billy’s Dad inherited it. Over the years Greg and Anna had become good friends of Billy’s family.

Greg went on to tell us how he built his house for his love.

Walked me out back to show me his garden.

And out front how over the years he planted Daffodils in the front yard because Anna loves Daffodils. He said to come back in the spring he would give me some and some bulbs.

Greg and Anna never had children, but the love they had for each other touch all in the neighborhood.

Every year we would stop by on Christmas and Easter. Every Easter he had Daffodil flowers or bulbs for me. One year he gave me a bouquet that filled my arms it took may vases to have them all over Billy’s family’s house. I could barely carry them!

6 years later I was 6 months pregnant and We visited Our Greg and Anna. We were showered with presents. They both felt my baby kicking and giggles and Anna singing a lullaby to my tummy, that her mother had taught her.

I had a girl JennySue and a few months later we drove down to show her off to the family and Greg and Anna.

Anna held her and sang so sweetly and rocked her for hours.

Every year we visited and JennySue called them Grandpa and Grandma.

I sent photos of her growth.

Jenny Sue was two and ran into grandma Anna’s arm. Grandpa Greg’s arms picked her up and a sweet kiss in this old man’s strong arms.

Sadly one day shortly after that visit Anna died. Wasn’t  Long a year later Greg followed the love of his life to heaven.

After the will was read and things were handed out the house was sold to a person that had no understanding of the love, that went into the house the old man built.

The new owner tore down the house and dug up the land and flatten the land he now owns from north to south, every inch.

Seeing this happen left me breathless!

A ugly huge house was built on every inch they could build on and what ground they couldn’t build on was covered with cement.

I cried a thousand tears when we walked by that house I sobbed all night long that Christmas as we stopped and saw that house with all kinds of decorations. Ugly… so very ugly… I cried again.

Then the next Easter when we walked by, I said blessed lord how could they do this all the flowers are gone the years he put into the front garden to make his wife so happy are all gone!

Then my husband pointed to a crack in the cement. There was one daffodil standing so tall in a sea of cement and the bright sun shined on that beautiful yell flower and I looked up to the sky and said Greg your flower lives on …

I never cried again until I wrote this story …

The miracle of Greg and Anna’s love lives on in all the daffodils I and others planted.

Thank you Greg and Anna for all the love you showed me and how you showed me what love was truly about.

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