How to ground and protect yourself

I have had a few conversations about meditating and It usually starts with me asking do you know how to ground and protect yourself?

Most say no.

So This post is about how I was taught to ground and protect myself.

I hope it helps you and if you have any questions please let me know.


How to ground and protect yourself.

By Julia

Blessings my Darlin.

We begin with our breathing.

Breathe in deep


Breath out slowly


Breath in a bit deeper


Breathe out slowly


Breathe in Deeply


Breathe out slowly


Let your mind go blank….

Breathe deep

Exhale slowly letting all thoughts go drifting away…

Think of yourself as a tree.

Any tree today I am a weeping willow.

My beautiful branches swaying in the breeze.

The sun warming my branches. Let your branches enjoy the breeze and the warmth of the sun.

My body and legs become the trunk of my beautiful tree.

My trunk is strong and solid.

Let your trunk become strong and solid.

My feet become the roots of my tree.

Let your feet reach deep into the earth.

Let your roots travel deep and wide as they need to be.

Your roots ground you into the earth.

Feel the earth. Such a loving gentle touch.

Now let your branches reach up to the heavens.

Let your branches grow until you feel the loving energy of heaven’s unconditional love.

Slowly breathe in unconditional love.

Exhale all negative energies.

Inhale that loving energy and exhale all negative energy your bady maybe holding.

Keep inhaling and exhaling until you fill your whole body and your roots with the loving energy.

Release and any negative energy back to heaven letting the loving energy replace the negative.

Breathe deep…

Let the unconditional love surround you.

Let it become a bubble around you and your roots.

Then ask in your own words:

Allow only my highest and best spirits and guides to enter through this sphere of protection around me.

This I ask in the name of all that is holy and Good.

Blessed Be.

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