The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

“an error of judgment”

I pulled the Judgement card today.

Boy, it got me thinking.

What darkness have I hidden inside me that I haven’t dealt with?

Thought of the lord’s prayer that part of “forgive our trespasses and those that trespass against us.”

Spring around the corner I want to get rid of the darkness in me and be reborn in the loving light.

I do this every year but this year I will dig deeper.

Am I afraid?

Hells, Bells YES!

If I want to become the person I see myself becoming I have to face all those choices I made in my past.

Face all the things that hurt me to the core and let it go.

I personally feel that everything, every choice, every person that has come into my life has made me who I am today.

So I give thanks for all my past.

I look forward to my future with happiness and excitement cause I know I am ready only because of my past.

Blessings to all!


PS: I love that Simpson episode.

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