Today’s Tarot Card is Judgement.

The Judgement card is about raising the deep hurtful past and coming to terms with it.

Our sins, and those sins that were against us.

You all know what I am talking about the deep pain and hurt we can’t bear to think about.

The sins that we have committed that we can’t come to terms with.

Bad habits that we refuse to give up.

We have to find the courage now and face those dark moments in our past.

Yes, it is painful, but if left untreated that darkness grows and makes us sick.

Guess what that darkness spills out to others all because we can’t find the courage to accept it and let it go.

Do you know what happens when we let the darkness in us go?

We begin to heal and let the light in.

We become strong!

We allow ourselves to be happy!

We can do this!

We can be brave.

We can say the past is the past but the future is ours and no need to hang on to all that anger, and guilt.

We can not hide anymore.

If you are too scared, reach out for help.

We can do this and we will become a new person.

A person free from guilt, fear, and anger.

So join me.

Feel the energy I am sending and let it all go.

Blessings and love to you all,


The past is past Mantra

Spiritual Counseling with Julia

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