Julia’s Way of Letting go of Anger

Hello Darlin’s

Today I want to share with you one way I let go of anger.

I like to think of it as a quest. (yes I am into King Artur)

First quest find a nice place to walk in nature

Second, I like to give an offering to the fairies. Usually, I leave coins or silver and l bury it at the beginning of the walkway or just to the side. I say “I leave this offering to the fairies. Please help me on my quest to find a rock from the earth that wants to help me.”

Now Darlin’s you can word it any way you want. Truly make it your own. Let your offering be your own. Fairies like many different items. Just fill it with love and gratitude.

Begin your walk. Notice the sounds and smells around you.

Connect with the Earth and look down for a rock, touch the earth. You and earth become as one.

Once you find your rock. find a quiet spot. I usually go back home and in my safe spot.

I surround myself with protective energy.

I ground my self and hold the rock my gift from the earth.

I ask the rock if it will take my anger from me.

If the rock is willing I feel the bad energy go into the rock.

I slowly release the anger and negative energies above my head.

Then I move on to my head and slowly go down my whole body and into my roots of grounding.

I set the rock on my amethyst cluster.

Then I connect with unconditional love and let it slowly enter into me and fill me with love and a peaceful balance.

I then take the rock and bury the rock back into the earth and pour blessed water over the area and thank the earth and all spirits that have help me on this Quest.

For this, to work you have to make it your feelings and your own words.

I am sharing how I do it on my own.


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