Justice is the Tarot Card of the Day

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day

Today’s Card is Justice

Who doesn’t want justice in their life?

The Justice card is to tell us, we receive justice even if we don’t agree with what the turn is or was.

The Justice card also tells us to take a hard cold look at ourselves and see what needs to come back into balance.

Mind, body, and soul.

As you can imagine Justice in legal matters.  Outcomes are never the way we want them but outcomes happen so we can move on.

For us to understand justice we must use cold objective reason, equitableness, and moral rightness.

So my Darlins once again we must look into ourselves and see what needs to be adjusting in our lives so that we can move forward in our lives…

Personally, there are a lot of changes I need to make. I hope you can make some too!

Until tomorrow Blessings,


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