Life Balance

Hello Darlins,

Sitting here on a peaceful Sunday afternoon, watching the male hairy woodpecker at my suet feeder.

I just love watching the birds that come to my feeders.

As I sit here I wonder about how some deal with their life being out of balance.

I came across this article:

10 simple ways to find balance in your life.

Turn it off 

Meaning turn- off the phone, computer, and tv. Just sit and rest and let your brain rest. My favorite spot is in my yard sit in my chair with my pups and just listen to the wind.  The songs of birds. The roar of trucks and motorbikes going by. Listening to the high pitched laughter of the kids next door. I breathe in the Air and listen.

Trim, Trim, Trim

What is overloading for you? Royale Scuderi who wrote the 10 simple ways to find balance in your life, tells us we can’t do it all.  “Say no to everything that is either not essential or doesn’t add something valuable to your life. Be ruthless!”

Pay attention to your health! 

9 years ago I was 375 pounds and could hardly move. I made the choice to get well and start moving.  I ate very healthy and made my meals. I have always wanted to make everything from scratch from bread to ketchup. I now am doing aerobic exercises 2 times a week and a daily routine of exercises. I love to walk but nature seems not to want me out in it… Allergies.

Sleep … I try to get a good 8 hours but my blater seems to wake me every morning at 2:30 AM lol I do get back to sleep rather quickly.

A healthy lifestyle for me is sleep, exercise, and healthy meals. I did it slowly and added things slowly so it didn’t overwhelm me.

Minimize toxins

From the article, Scuderi writes, “Avoid toxic people (complainers, whiners, poor attitudes.) If you can’t completely avoid them, at least minimize contact and tune them out as much as you can. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, can-do people whenever possible.”

I firmly believe this. Nothing worse than being around toxic people.

Spend Time alone

Finding alone time can be very hard.  But it can be done. Take time to write, a journal or a letter to a friend or an older person can bring about such happiness.

Create, Creative energy can be very uplifting. I make Jewelry, draw, play my flute, and color in my coloring book.

Meditate, I put on nature music and listen and meditate on many things.  I just start by breathing deeper and slower each time… even if you do a simple mantra once a day helps.

Relationships really do matter.

from spouse, family, and friends take time out to connect.

I call My mom every morning and drink my first cup of coffee with her.

Every evening I call my Stepmom and we giggle for a half-hour or so.

And the best is spending time with my grandson on video chat and playing with him!

how can you connect with those you love?

Treat yourself.

doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. give yourself a manicure with that daring new polish!

Get a new tea.. or coffee.

Savor the treat yourself moment.

Lately, I got an ebook of my favorite author and read a few chapters everyday.

Once every 3 months, I spend the afternoon getting my hair done.

Explore the world

Nature walks are wonderful. I always take my camera with me and snap away some of the beauty I see.

I explore the grocery store. Hey, there are some very interesting people to watch snd smile at and say Hello.

Museums, zoo, even on this day of having to be aware of our 6 ft and mask we can still explore.

One of my favorites is walking down to the crick and watch the water ripple. Spring the pike spawn up our crick always a fun watch later the minnows and herons going after them.

Expand Your awareness

Awareness, I personally love to take the free classes at our local library. I love to goggle about finding facts about artists of our past. new recipes, among a few. Everyday I try to learn something new. So go out and expand your awareness. learn something new and fun!

Remember fun

Somewhere along the path of my life, I lost my laughter. But slowly I gained it back by changing my life. I will never forget the first big belly laugh I had with my hubby it felt so good and released so much out of me. I vowed never to lose that smiling fun-loving girl again.

So sing with me I love to laugh hahaha loud and long and clear…hahaha Dance in the rain and giggle. Play yes play! I love playing dinosaurs with my grandson.  He once asked me, “GrannyMa why do you like to play?” The answer we both gave was because it’s fun!

So have fun my darlins, and read the article Royale Scuderi I hope you learn a few things and see your life in a new light.




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