Magician is the card of the day

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day

Today’s Card is The Magician

To be the magician is to use Intellect and Communication, Passion and ambition, love and emotions, Hard work, possessions, and body.

The Sword, The Wand, The Chalice, and The Pentacle.

The raw energy of each suit can give you the vision you have been searching for. An idea, a magical image as to how to solve your problem or the direction you may need.

So the magician is about getting an idea and finding a way to articulate it. Which is the first step towards making it a reality.

But it also warns there could be a magician trying to trick you so also be on guard. As you all know there are many scams out there and many con men.

For those of you in a career, your words and writing may be of utmost importance.

The magician is of importance to reveal what must be revealed .. so presto!

Be smart, and passionate, love what you want to do, and work hard to get it.

Be on guard for the trickster.

Blessings on you all darlins,

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