Opps there ya go Snow!

Hello, my Darlin’s.

This time of the year is what I call the ugly outdoors.

Snow melts and you see the dirty sand they put on the roads.

It also can be a wonderland when it snows and covers all the ugly.

I sit and watch the birds coming to my feeder.

A new one came today a small red-breasted nuthatch.

I see beauty today.

Better I feel beauty today.

What I mean by that is watching kids ride their bikes in the snow and having a great time.

I see a ballet of movement between friends. A choir in their laughter.

I feel so blessed to witness this and I give thanks.

This energy comes into my soul and I feel like I could fly free.

So I dance around arms out and singing lolala lolala.

My hope is that each of you sees the beauty around you and let, the energy you feel fill your soul.

Blessings to you all,



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