Fairy Butterfly Pearl 8′ Bracelet


Are you in need of calm and less negativity? Julia created this braceless just to do that for you.


This bracelet comes from Julia’s personal collection created for larger wrists of 8″ and an extender to make it even larger.

Julia created this bracelet with the guidance of fae magick.

The freshwater pearls are the gift from the element of water.

Water can be used to calm and help focus your emotions.

Each pearl has been filled with the blessing of water to help bring calmness to you on the mind, body, and soul levels.

The Silver butterflies are empowered with energy to help you through the many changes that cross your path everyday.

The Green Chalcedony gem has an energy that promotes harmony.

Green chalcedony works by absorbing negative energies within you and around you and will release them when asked into the hands of angels or higher beings.



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