Pendulum for spiritual guidance



    Quartz Natural handpicked in Arkansas by a friend and sold it to me years ago.

    I hold my crystals and wait to see what I feel and think. for years I got nothing then a few days ago I saw myself wrapping it in copper wire.

    I set it down next to a gold chain and a Mother of pearl pendant with a pearl in the center and a happy design came to me in my head.

    I created this beautiful and powerful Pendulum.

    The pendulum measures 11″ from the top of the Mother of Pearl to the tip of the crystal.

    The Quartz point is clear and 2 1/2″.

    The goldtone chain is about 6″.

    The Mother of Pearl pendant is encased in gold with a pearl in its center and measures 2″ long x 1 1/2″ wide.

    The energy is warm and calming.

    It wants a name to be given by the wonderful person that buys this piece.

    It will answer yes and no questions.

    Yes, the Pendulum will swing front and back.

    No, the Pendulum will swing side to side.

    Unsure the pendulum will swing in a circle.

    Can not be seen or answered will swing counterclockwise.

    This pendulum will also locate negative energy and change it into positive energy.

    you can use this change on a person or in a room.

    You can also make a Pendulum board.

    Alphabet around in a circle, with yes, no, maybe, and uncertain written.

    The pendulum can answer by spelling or pointing to yes or no.

    Always use only after you are grounded and protected.

    If this Pendulum calls to you it is meant to be yours.




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