Turquoise 24″ Necklace Artisan Designed by Julia


24″‘of turquoise beauty. Artisan designed by Julia.

Infused with love and calmest.

Everyone needs a necklace that makes them feel peace and love.

Can be worn with just about anything from, day to a night event.





Turquoise the gemstone of wisdom and protection.

White Howlite the gemstone known to calm and bring peace to the mind.

I used these two Stones to bring the energy of tranquility, protection, and Peace.

When you hold this necklace you can feel the warmth fill you and surround you.

The Turquoise was mined in Montana.

The White Howlite was mined in California.

9 turquoise beads to bring the wisdom of your thoughts and words.

30 White Howlite beads to bring you patience and inspiration to others

40 Bronze beads to bring you grounding so you have the energy to do the work before you,  both physical and mental.

I designed and made the hook and eye clasp out of Argentium sterling silver.

I designed this necklace for everyone that needs to feel more peace and the words we speak are calming and loving.

This is real Turquoise.



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