Raphael Arc Angel



The Arc Angel Raphael wants to teach us healing.

This Angel comes into our lives on a mission to show us the way to heal.

He comes to help us clear our minds, uplift our minds, and help us release our negative thoughts.

Raphael opens your mind and heart to let in faith and love.

The faith and love we let into our mind and heart allow our consciousness soul to be uplifted.

Our bodies, minds, and souls begin to vibrate on a higher level and new understandings come to us.

An amazing new awareness of spirit and gifts come to us. Gifts that have been asleep for a very long time.  We become filled with unconditional love and therefore give the energy of unconditional love to others.

Raphael and his healing Angels work on our bodies to heal.

I personally turn to Raphael to help me with my Fibromyalgia and to show me what I need to release to help me heal.

This does work and I now have the right team of doctors and mental health therapists to help me heal on a mind body and soul level.

Call on Raphael for healing and awareness.

Here is some music I like to listen to when I call on Raphael.

youtube Israfel

Angel Guidance reading with Julia

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