Six of Coins card of the day

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day

Today’s Card is 6 of coins

The six of coins is about what can we get rid of to restore balance in our home.

Some wait for spring cleaning but I tend to do this all year round.

Right now I am cleaning out our crystal glassware.  We don’t need beer steins or 10 wine glasses etc.  Packing it up to give to goodwill.

So what will give you balance?

Some of you may have to much time on your hands… maybe you could do some volunteer work.

Is there a friend or neighbor that could use your help?

Or maybe it is time to accept help.

Are you in need of assistance?

The balance of giving and take.

Pride is what gets in the way of your balance.

By accepting the help you honor the giver.

Another way of the 6 of Coins is to pay it forward to someone.



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