The Hermit

Today’s card is The Hermit.

We all have had a time with the covid deal. Our lives have changed a great deal. We have been under stress, fearful, worrisome, and isolated.

You would think that the Hermit is about what we are going through but, the hermit is about finding a quiet place to sit and think.

A place we can retreat to and just be.

The Hermit walks a night with his staff and a lantern. Imagine what he sees only at night.

The moonflower only comes out at night.

As we sit in the dark maybe with some candles what thoughts come to our minds?

Are these thoughts we need to release or thoughts that we need to explore?

Today the Hermit is telling us we need to take stock of our life.

We need to look inward and see how far we have grown and how far we still have to grow.

Personally, I am going to get myself some Moonflower seeds and plant them along a trail through my yard.

I will enjoy a nighttime walk with my puppies, hubby, and watch the fireflies this summer.

Just listen to the night and the love around me.

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