The Moon


Today’s Tarot Card is The Moon.

The good traits of the Moon are the inspiration for our visions, our creativity, and surrendering to our psychic abilities.

The Moons beams fill us with wanting to surrender into our unconscious mind and see where it takes us.

The bad traits are madness, overindulging in things that aren’t in our best interest.

The Moon Card also warns that during this time our emotions can be overwhelming.

Overwhelming emotions can get out of control and we go to bad habits or self-harm.

Whenever this card comes up for me I love going out in my moon dress and dance around in the dark.

I must be a sight an ole gal in white gown dancing and singing but I feel light and airy in the moonlight.

I look forward to my dreams they usually are very revealing during this time.

I keep a notepad next to my bed so I can jot down the dream.

Enjoy today’s moon inspirations and tonight’s dreams.


I let the Universe Inspire Me

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