Today’s card of the day is the 5 of Cups Reversed.

Hello, Darlins Julia here with your card of the day

Today’s Card is 5 of Cups reversed

The 5 of Cups reversed is the card of deep loss.

You can’t get past thinking about all that is wrong and what you have lost in your life.

You are at a very low point in your life. Some of what has happened are on you but also some are because you didn’t notice what was happening. Too late and it was gone or over with.

Relationships have gone, jobs are gone, opportunities that never happened.

The 5 of cups reversed shows up to say, let it go, stop weeping of could have been.

Begin to see the new possibilities that are in front of you.

Seek out someone or someones that can help you overcome the feeling of loss.

Take baby steps to move forward and yes there will be some steps backward, but that is okay. Just keep moving.

Look for one small good thing in your life, then another and another, and give thanksgiving.

Blessings and love to each of you,


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