Tree Grounding


Tree grounding is where you call on your tree spirit.

Drawing energy from the divine into your body and auric fields.

Pick a tree, any tree.

Some of my favorites are:



Black Walnut




Take 5 deep breaths.

Each breath you take deeper and slower

Breath in and out

Focus only on your breath.

Vision a powerful white light bubble around you.

This bubble is to protect you.

Ask that only positive energy pass through your bubble.

And only your highest of guides and angels may pass through your bubble.

Now you start to become the tree.

grow your roots deep and wide into the earth.

Here in mother earth, you begin to grow.

Roots deep.


From your roots, you grow your trunk.

 Big strong trunk

With big strong roots reaching into the earth anchoring you.

Breathe in more loving energy from the earth and grow your branches.

Let your branches reach up into the heavens

The divine energy

Breathe in that loving divine energy.

Let it fill you.

With each breath you take you feel unconditional love enter into you. Release anything negative.

Grow your branches

Bring that unconditional love from heaven into your roots and into Mother Earth.

Take your time.

Breath deep

With a gentle push, let the heavenly energy fill your auric field.

You may find some negative energy here let that negative energy go and replace it with love.


Now you may meet the inner spirit of your tree.


Be at peace

Once again ask,

Only goodness is allowed into your aura.

Only goodness is able to pass from you back through it.

This you ask in the name of all that is holy and good.

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