What Is A Spirit Animal?

A Spirit Animal is a spirit that wants to help guide you on your life path.

(Some stay throughout your lifetime and some just to help you learn a certain lesson.)


Once the lesson is learned they tend to move on. 

The characteristics of the animal you may have. They may come into your life to teach you the characteristics. 

Sometimes the Animal Spirit will cross your path.

For me, Spider happens to cross my path several times a year. It teaches me to look at the webs I have cast out and what I may have caught in the web and need to let go of. 

Spirit Animals may enter into your dreams.

Pay attention to the dream and learn as much of the animal as you can. 

Pay attention to the Spirit’s color and strengths.  Do you have these strengths or do you need to learn these strengths? Do the colors attract you. Do you feel the need to wear these colors? 

What element does this Spirit Animal bring to you?  Water, earth, air or fire? 

Sometimes there may be smells when a spirit animal crosses your path. What does that smell bring to your mind?

If you want to learn what Spirit Animal is currently wanting to work with you you may want to order a reading: 

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